Exclusive Trolley Dash and Cash Fountain at Tasty Bingo


If you are looking for a best bingo site, then Tasty Bingo can be your final destination as it welcome all the new players happily. Any new player at Tasty Bingo can get a 200% deposit bonus on making their first deposit. Tasty Bingo offers wide range of attractive offers every day along various games such as Slot Games, Bingo Games, Instant Games and many other. Register now and avail all the promotional offers to win some real money.

Win The Trolley Dash at Tasty Bingo:

Avail the Tasty Bingo latest £50 Trolley Dash promotional offer and grab a trolley full of your favourite stuff. Tuesday and Thursday are the days to utilize this offer, where grocery-themed chat games to give you a chance of winning £25 worth vouchers along with huge loyalty points. Hot Chocolate game and Fish and Strips are the two games to use this opportunity. All funded players can enjoy these delicious offer twice every week happily in Tasty Bingo. Kick off your gaming at 8PM every Tuesday and Thursday and make some delicious winnings.

Tasty’s Cash Fountain:

Play the coverall bingo jackpot games and feel happy for being a winner. Bounded to the maximum and minimum wins in this jackpot, you can play Cash Fountain every day at 7PM until midnight on the hour in Hot Chocolate room. Covering your bingo card completely in 25 to 48 calls will let you to win the whole jackpot amount of £500. As the number of calls increase the jackpot amount will start getting reduced. Simply buy your tickets as early as possible and be the first to complete the coverall pattern on an hour. Aim for the full jackpot and don’t let the jackpot amount to become less. Register now and enjoy playing games at Tasty Bingo.

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